All prices are including VAT lev.
Prices are per meter lanes, but that edrova price is valid only for purchase of whole rolls of 5m.
You can order smaller lengths (1,2,3 or 4 meters), but the price will be further increased by 22% from the base price.
Supply prices are calculated on the basis of your chosen courier, the weight of the goods and the total value of the contract, as is borne by kupuvacha.Ako your order is worth over 250 lev supply is taken from us.
You can give your order:
· Phone 0988862239
· Email:
· Or skype: elderaplus
You will be notified by phone or e-mail, that your order is accepted.
Delivery time is 1-2 working days for the stock.
   In the event that the selected item is not available at the moment, we specify delivery time and then take orders.
Most of the items require pre-order and delivery of 3 to 15 days.
The company is not responsible for events occurring outside its control -
electric shocks from a distribution network or contour, lightning, exposure of the product to direct sunlight or heat, radiation and other harsh environments in conditions of insufficient air circulation and heating lamps above 60 degrees Celsius, as well as tensions higher than those.
Events due to the intervention of unauthorized persons in the wiring diagram of the products
· Disassembly of the product and / or modifying them,
· For signs of repair by unauthorized persons and supplier of workshops
· Damaged in warranty stickers,
· Improper connection
· By placing the product in an environment outside permissible,
· If used for other purposes,
· Caused when mechanical damage
· Breach of its integrity.
Conversion and applications implemented by our customers and dimensioned independently of them, the company is not responsible. For all of these cases, the customer loses the guarantee provided.
You have to make a complaint and requested to return your item within 7 days from the date of physical receipt of the goods which is stated on the waybill of the courier company that has been sent in the event that:
· Notes the lack;
· Goods with visible defects;
· There is an inconsistency with the stated amount or with the trade mark.
   Returns are not accepted if the goods are:
· With a changed appearance,
· Without original package
· Without equipment with the documentation provided,
· With undamaged warranty stickers
· Traces of installation, try to open, repair or adjustment to modify the operating parameters of the product
Costs and risks of transport for the return and replacement are borne by the buyer!
The guarantee is valid upon presentation of the warranty card or receipt (invoice) and unit product packaging or sticker with a serial number that identifies it.
If the client does not submit the documents cited, he lost the warranty.
The supplier (seller) or their authorized repairers remove the problem or replace the advertised product with the same or similar technical parameters such other within 14 working days of receipt of goods in the workshop / store firmata.Ako need a longer period, it guarantee is extended by as many days as it takes to redress customer, minus seven days.
 The warranty is not valid:
· Damage or external influence on the product water, solvents, aggressive chemicals
· Mechanical shock, fever, changes in the mains supply, static electricity, exposure to direct sunlight and other, whether the product has been turned on or not.
· Non-compliance with the prescribed mode of installation and operation.
· Intervention at the side of the customer or a third party vshemata product parameters change and appearance.
· For non-compliance with the prescribed safety class and storage / use in aggressive environments.
· When installing the lamps and power unauthorized by us or unskilled people, where are sized and assembled circuits and systems with LED lightenings.