About us
Eldera + is a specialized website for LED (LED) lighting, aimed at providing quality products from established and well-known manufacturers: SAMSUNG, PHILIPS, MEANWELL, LG, EDISON, CREE, NICHIA, AEG, OPPLE and others.
We are pleased to offer LED - the lighting of the future. We be available as a wide range of LED products - lighting with power LEDs, LED bulbs, LED strips and modules, floodlights, lighting and facade drugi.Produkti high quality and clear origin imported by us in Bulgaria.
Besides ready LED products we offer a complete implementation of projects for decorative interior lighting quality and reliable performance of small and large objects.
Another part of our work is the retrofitting of fixtures with branded consumables and implementation of major projects tailored to your requirements This is part of the activities in which we are specialized and have a realistic assessment on the ways of implementation of successful projects .In the process of work we We are convinced that quality is the most important indicator, but we can guarantee it. The redevelopment of the bodies it with branded LEDs, drivers and power supplies, according to your requirements for brightness and reliability .If you choose security, we will guarantee the Signal quality of our products within 3 to 5 year warranty, depending on their type .
Our team will be pleased to present the capabilities of each of our products and offer appropriate options for your specific needs.